Skeletal Muscle

Science / Biology / Skeletal Muscle: Muscle that is generally attached to the skeleton and causes body parts to move; consists of muscle fibers. Voluntary muscle cells that have a striated appearance. These muscles control skeletal movements and are normally under conscious control.


Health / Fitness / Muscle: Tissue consisting of fibres organized into bands or bundles that contract to cause bodily movement. Muscle fibres run in the same direction as the action they perform. MORE

Muscle Fibers

Science / Biology / Muscle Fibers: Long, multinucleated cells found in skeletal muscles; made up of myofibrils. One of the four major groups of vertebrate cell/tissue types. Muscle cells contract/relax, allowing movement of and/or with MORE

Cardiac Muscle

Science / Biology / Cardiac Muscle: The type of muscle that is found in the walls of the heart. Cardiac muscle is striated but branched, unlike the straight-shaped striated skeletal muscle cells. MORE

Myoskeletal Alignment Technique

Health / Massage / Myoskeletal Alignment Technique: A holistic approach to relief of back and neck pain based on concepts and principles from Rolfing, osteopathy, and related physical medicine. Focused on detecting and correcting strain patterns to pre MORE

Pelvic Floor Muscles

Health / Pilates / Pelvic Floor Muscles: The deep internal muscles engaged when halting urination or performing a Kegel exercise. MORE

Abdominal Muscles

Health / Fitness / Abdominal Muscles: A set of eight small muscles located below the chest. These eight muscles help people to bend forward and twist side to side. This set of muscles also assist in regular breathing as well as help suppo MORE