Science / Biology / Stability: One of the phases of a populations life cycle. The populations size remains roughly constant, fiuctuating around some average density. Also, the ability of a community to persist unchanged.

Other Words for Stability

Stability Noun Synonyms: steadiness, solidity, firmness, soundness, sturdiness, strength

Showalter Stability Index

Science / Weather / Showalter Stability Index: A measure of the local static stability of the atmosphere. It is determined by lifting an air parcel to 500 millibars and then comparing its temperature to that of the environment. If the parcel is co MORE

Conditional Instability

Science / Weather / Conditional Instability: Stable unsaturated air that will result in instability in the event or on the condition that the air becomes saturated. If the air is saturated, it is considered unstable; if air is unsaturated, it is MORE

Absolute Instability

Science / Weather / Absolute Instability: When the lapse rate of a column of air is greater than the dry adiabatic lapse rate. The term absolute is used because this applies whether or not the air is dry or saturated. MORE

Earnings Stability

Business / Finance / Earnings Stability: Plowback rate. MORE

Dimensional Stability

Entertainment / Photography / Dimensional Stability: Substance's ability to remain unchanging in size when subjected to processing and drying. MORE

Stability-Time Hypothesis

Science / Marine Biology / Stability-Time Hypothesis: Hypothesis that states that higher diversity occurs in habitats that are ancient and stable environmentally MORE