Science / Biology / Stalk: A leafs petiole; the slender stem that supports the blade of a leaf and attaches it to a larger stem of the plant.

Other Words for Stalk

Stalk Adjective Synonyms: stem, trunk, cane, main axis, leaf-stalk, shaft, spike
Stalk Verb Synonyms: follow, dog, haunt, shadow, trail, track (down), hunt (down), pursue, hound, chase, tail


Technology / Cell Phones / Crosstalk: Interference in a wireless communications system from other conversations in nearby cells using the same channel. MORE

Marc (France)

Life Style / Wine / Marc (France): This term describes the mass of skins, pips and stalks left behind once all the fermented juice - wine - has been taken off. It makes good fertiliser, but can also be distilled to make spirits. MORE

Egrappage (France)

Life Style / Wine / Egrappage (France): The process of destemming - removing stems/stalks from the grape bunches before fermentation MORE


Life Style / Wine / Destemming: The process of removing the stems/stalks from the grape bunches before fermentation. Unripe stems will result in a green, unripe taste in the wine. MORE


Life Style / Wine / Must: The must is the mixture of fermenting grape juice, pips, skins, stalks and so on. It is distinct from marc, which is all of these once the grape juice has been removed. An assessment of must weight is MORE

Press Wine

Life Style / Wine / Press Wine: During the winemaking process the wine must be taken from the grape solids - pips, skins, pulp and stalks. First it may be run off - this is the free-run wine and is of higher quality than the wine ob MORE