Start Codon

Science / Biology / Start Codon: The codon (AUG) on a messenger RNA molecule where protein synthesis begins.

Other Words for Start

Start Verb Synonyms: cause to spring or leap or dart or jump or bound
Start Noun Synonyms: head start, advantage, edge, lead, (the) jump, drop (on someone)
Start Adjective Synonyms: jump, flinch, blench, quail, shy, recoil, wince, shrink, draw back

Starting Line-Up

Entertainment / Basketball / Starting Line-Up: The five players who begin a game for one team. MORE

Starting Lineup

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Starting Lineup: Most basic leagues will start one quarterback, two running backs, two or three receivers and/or one tight end, one kicker and one defense. Leagues can determine the number of starters and include a 'f MORE

Starting Current

Technology / Motors / Starting Current: Amount of current drawn at the instant a motor is energized - in most cases much higher than that required for running. Same as locked rotor current. MORE

Starter Strip

Business / Construction / Starter Strip: Asphalt roofing applied at the eaves that provides protection by filling in the spaces under the cutouts and joints of the first course of shingles. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Starter: The pitcher who beings the game and pitches until he wins the game or is replaced by a relief pitcher. MORE

Starter Set

Entertainment / Golf / Starter Set: (also 'beginner set, half set') a partial set of golf clubs usually consisting of either the odd or the even numbered irons, a putter and a reduced number of woods MORE