Science / Biology / Steroids: Compounds with a skeleton of four rings of carbon to which various side groups are attached; one of the three main classes of hormones.


Science / Astrology / Asteroids: Small planets (planetoids) or pieces of planets, most of which are found in the Asteroid Belt, that part of space between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Astrological researchers are currently interes MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Hyperspace: Popularized in Asteroids (1980), causes you ship to disappear and reappear in a random location. Useful to escape dangerous situations, but can sometimes put you in a far worse predicament. Death on r MORE


Health / Vitamins / Steroid: Any fat-soluble organic substance with a certain basic chemical structure. Several different hormones, drugs and other substances are classed as steroids. MORE


Science / Biology / Osteoporosis: A disorder in which the mineral portion of bone is lost, making the bone weak and brittle; occurs most commonly in postmenopausal women. MORE

All Natural

Health / Fitness / All Natural: Athletes, especially body builders who can avoid using steroids or other banned substances. MORE


Science / Biology / Lipids: One of the four classes of organic macromolecules. Lipids function in the long-term storage of biochemical energy, insulation, structure and control. Examples of lipids include the fats, waxes, oils a MORE