Sticky Ends

Science / Biology / Sticky Ends: Term applied to DNA sequences cut with restriction enzymes where the cuts will bond with each other or with another sequence cut with the same enzyme.

Other Words for Sticky

Sticky Noun Synonyms: gluey, gummy, viscous, tacky, glutinous, viscid, gooey

Extra Or Special Dividends

Business / Finance / Extra Or Special Dividends: Retire or pay off debt. MORE

Ex-Stock Dividends

Business / Finance / Ex-Stock Dividends: The date on which a share of common stock begins trading ex-rights. MORE


Technology / Motors / Endshield: The part of the motor housing which supports the bearing and acts as a protective guard to the electrical and rotating parts inside the motor. This part is frequently called the 'end bracket' or 'end MORE

Google Trends

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Google Trends: Tool which allows you to see how Google search volumes for a particular keyword change over time. MORE

Selling Dividends

Business / Finance / Selling Dividends: Inducing a prospective customer to buy shares in order to profit from a dividend scheduled in the near future. MORE

Trading Dividends

Business / Finance / Trading Dividends: Costs of buying and selling marketable securities and borrowing. Trading costs include commissions, slippage, and the bid/ask spread. See: Transactions costs. MORE