Science / Biology / Stigma: Part of the female reproductive structure of the carpel of a fiower; the sticky surface at the tip of the style to which pollen grains attach. The receptive surface of the pistil (of the flower) on which pollen is placed by a pollinator.

Other Words for Stigma

Stigma Verb Synonyms: brand, (bad) mark, blot, smirch, stain, spot, taint, blemish, demerit, blot on the escutcheon, blot in one's copybook


Entertainment / Photography / Anastigmat: Compound lens which has been corrected for the lens aberration 'astigmatism'. MORE

Stigmatized Property

Business / Real Estate / Stigmatized Property: A property that has acquired an undesirable reputation due to an event that occurred on or near it, such as violent crime, gang-related activity, illness or personal tragedy. Because of the potential MORE


Science / Spiders / Astigmatism(Axial): an electron-optical lens aberration that causes the defocus to be a function of azimuth, and the contrast transfer function to deviate from circular symmetry about the optical axis. As a consequence, MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Astigmatism: Lens aberration making a single point light source impossible to focus as a true point. MORE

Thon Rings

Science / Spiders / Thon Rings: rings visible in the power spectrum of micrographs obtained by bright-field electron microscopy. These rings can be explained as the effect of the contrast transfer function, which modulates the Fouri MORE

Contrast Transfer Function (CTF)

Science / Spiders / Contrast Transfer Function (CTF): function that describes the transfer of information from the object (i.e., the object's projection) to the contrast observed in the image for bright field electron microscopy (the usual mode of imagin MORE