Superior Vena Cava

Science / Biology / Superior Vena Cava: Blood from the head returns to the heart through this main vein.

Other Words for Superior

Superior Adjective Synonyms: higher, higher-ranking, higher-level, higher-class, higher-calibre, upper, upper-level, upper-class, loftier, nobler, better, of a higher order or status or standing, classier, tonier

Oatstraw (Avena sativa)

Health / Herbs / Oatstraw (Avena sativa): Helps builds the outer layer of the skin, helps detoxify body. MORE

Positive Covenant (Of A Bond)

Business / Finance / Positive Covenant (Of A Bond): A bond covenant that specifies certain actions the firm must take. Also called an affirmative covenant. MORE

Negative Covenants

Business / Loan / Negative Covenants: Statements of actions or events of the borrower must prevent from occurring or existing, for example, additional borrowing without the lender's consent. MORE

Negative Covenant

Business / Finance / Negative Covenant: A bond covenant that limits or prohibits certain actions unless the bondholders agree. MORE

Covenants That Run With The Land

Business / Real Estate / Covenants That Run With The Land: Convenants that become part of the property rights and benefit or bind successive owners of the property. MORE

Protective Covenant

Business / Finance / Protective Covenant: A part of an indenture or loan agreement that limits certain actions a company may take during the term of the loan to protect the lender's interests. MORE