Systemic Circuit

Science / Biology / Systemic Circuit: The loop of the circulatory system that carries blood through the body and back to the heart.

Other Words for Circuit

Circuit Noun Synonyms: compass, circumference, perimeter, periphery, girth, border, boundary, edge, limit, ambit, margin, outline, confine(s), bound, pale

Senior Circuit

Entertainment / Baseball / Senior Circuit: Refers to the National League, which has been in existence since 1876, as compared to the American league, which was founded in 1901. MORE

Pulmonary Circuit

Science / Biology / Pulmonary Circuit: The loop of the circulatory system that carries blood to and from the lungs. MORE

Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID)

Technology / Cell Phones / Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID): 19 or 20-digit serial number of the SIM card. MORE

Integrated Circuit

Technology / Computers / Integrated Circuit: Another name for a chip, an IC is a small electronic device made out of a semiconductor material. MORE

Short Circuit

Business / Construction / Short Circuit: A situation that occurs when hot and neutral wires come in contact with each other. Fuses and circuit breakers protect against fire that could result from a short. MORE


Technology / Motors / Short-Circuit: A defect in a winding which causes part of the normal electrical circuit to be bypassed. This frequently results in reducing the resistance or impedance to such an extent as to cause overheating of th MORE