Science / Biology / Taxis: The behavior when an animal turns and moves toward or away from an external stimulus (pl.: taxes).


Entertainment / Literature / Hypotaxis: Using clauses with a precise degree of subordination and clear indication of the logical relationship between them--i.e., having clear subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, as opposed to parata MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Parataxis: Rhetorically juxtaposing two or more clauses or prepositions together in strings or with few or no connecting conjunctions or without indicating their relationship to each other in terms of co-ordinat MORE


Technology / Radar / VG2: A vg2 gun is a special device used by law enforcement to identify the presence of a radar detector. It looks like a radar gun, but it does not measure speed. It tells the officer if you are using a ra MORE


Technology / Computers / Syntax: Grammatical structuring of data using a special code that defines how this special code is used to form words, phrases or any other allowable constraint. MORE

Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR)

Technology / Cell Phones / Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR): Dispatch service (walkie-talkie-type service used by taxis, delivery trucks, etc.). SMR providers in the United States operate in the 800 MHz and 900 MHz frequency bands. MORE