Terminal Buds

Science / Biology / Terminal Buds: Buds located at the end of a plant shoot.

Other Words for Terminal

Terminal Noun Synonyms: closing, concluding, terminating, ending, final, ultimate, extreme, maximum, greatest
Terminal Verb Synonyms: keyboard, monitor, position, station, VDU (= 'visual display unit'), PC (= 'personal computer'), module, CRT (= 'cathode ray tube'), screen, (control) panel
Terminal Adjective Synonyms: connection, wire, connector, coupler, coupling, conductor

Terminal Houses

Science / Astrology / Terminal Houses: Those houses ruled naturally by water signs: four, eight and twelve. They pertain to endings and results and symbolize occult interests. Collectively, they are known as the Trinity of Psychism. MORE

Terminal Emulation

Technology / Computers / Terminal Emulation: This is an application that allows your terminal to act as a dumb terminal. MORE

Terminal Elevator

Business / Agriculture / Terminal Elevator: A large elevator (warehouse) facility with the capacity to transfer grain to rail cars, barges, or ships for transport to domestic or foreign markets. Terminal elevator markets are used as base locati MORE

Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR)

Science / Weather / Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR): Doppler radar installed at major airports throughout the United States to detect microbursts. MORE

Terminal Insomnia

Science / Psychiatry / Terminal Insomnia: Awakening before ones usual waking time and being unable to return to sleep. MORE

Terminal Market

Business / Agriculture / Terminal Market: A central site, often in a metropolitan area, that serves as an assembly and trading place for agricultural commodities. Terminal markets are usually at or near major transportation hubs. MORE