Science / Biology / Triplet: Three-base sequence of mRNA that codes for a specific amino acid or termination codon.

Cooke Triplet

Entertainment / Photography / Cooke Triplet: One of the most important lenses in lens history, designed by h.d. taylor in 1893. It consists of three basic elements and has a maximum aperture of 16.3. It is the basic design that most normal focal MORE

Triplet Code

Science / Genetics / Triplet Code: A code in which a given amino acid is specified by a set of three nucleotides. MORE

Triplet Lens

Entertainment / Photography / Triplet Lens: Lens consisting basically of three elements, a diverging lens sandwiched between two converging lenses. MORE

Tercet, Terzet

Life Style / Poetry / Tercet, Terzet: a rhyming triplet, found in sequences such as: aaa bbb (for example, Thomas Hardy's 'The Convergence of the Twain'), aba cdc (where b and d are unrhyming), abc abc (repeated), aba bcb (interlaced or l MORE

Tessar Lens

Entertainment / Photography / Tessar Lens: Famous german non-symmetrical lens design by zeiss. It is based on the triplet lens. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Saltarello: Italian 'jumping dance', often characterized by triplets in a rapid 4/4 time. MORE