Tropical Rain Forest Biome

Science / Biology / Tropical Rain Forest Biome: The most complex and diverse biome; found near the equator in South America and Africa; characterized by thin soils, heavy rainfall, and little fiuctuation in temperature.

Other Words for Rain

Rain Noun Synonyms: precipitation, drizzle, sprinkle, downpour, shower, thunder-shower, cloudburst, rainstorm, squall, deluge, sunshower
Rain Verb Synonyms: rainfall, precipitation

Restraining Line

Entertainment / Football / Restraining Line: A team's respective line of scrimmage at a free kick, the line the ball is to be kicked from (for the kicking team), or a line 10 yards in advance of that (for the receiving team) MORE

Restraining Order

Business / Real Estate / Restraining Order: An order that may issue from filing for an injunction. Though the term is sometimes used as a synonym of injunction, it is distinguished from an injunction in that it is intended only as a restraint u MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Retraining: Training that is provided for a certain job to enable an employee to acquire the necessary skills to work with new processes, procedures or equipment. MORE

Rotational Training

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Rotational Training: A training method where employees are rotated among a variety of different jobs, departments or company functions for a certain period of time. MORE

Restraining Circle

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Restraining Circle: A faceoff circle. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Restrainer: Chemical constituent of developing solutions which helps prevent reducing agents from affecting unexposed halides and converting them to black metallic silver. MORE