Vascular Plants

Science / Biology / Vascular Plants: Group of plants having lignified conducting tissue (xylem vessels or tracheids).

Root-Leaf-Vascular System Axis

Science / Biology / Root-Leaf-Vascular System Axis: Refers to the arrangement in vascular plants in which the roots anchor the plant and absorb water and nutrients, the leaves carry out photosynthesis, and the vascular system connects the roots and lea MORE

Vascular Cambium

Science / Biology / Vascular Cambium: A layer of lateral meristematic tissue between the xylem and phloem in the stems of woody plants. Lateral meristem tissue in plants that produces secondary growth. MORE

Vascular Bundle

Science / Biology / Vascular Bundle: Groups of xylem, phloem and cambium cells in stems of plants descended from the procambium embryonic tissue layer. MORE

Vascular Cylinder

Science / Biology / Vascular Cylinder: A central column formed by the vascular tissue of a plant root; surrounded by parenchymal ground tissue. MORE

Vascular Parenchyma

Science / Biology / Vascular Parenchyma: Specialized parenchyma cells in the phloem of plants. MORE


Health / Fitness / Vascularity: Increase in size and number of observable veins. Highly desirable in bodybuilding. MORE