Science / Biology / Vertebrae: The segments of the spinal column; separated by disks made of connective tissue (sing.: vertebra).

Neck Lengthened

Health / Pilates / Neck Lengthened: An element of good posture achieved by sending energy out the top of the head. A lengthened neck maintains the natural curve of the neck and counteracts compression of the vertebrae that can occur wit MORE

Ming mung

Health / Tai Chi / Ming mung: Ming men--on the back, slightly above the tan tien (between thrid and fourth lumbar vertebrae--an energy point MORE

Raindrop Technique

Health / Massage / Raindrop Technique: Originated by D. Gary Young, raindrop technique is a noninvasive tool for helping to correct defects in the curvature of the spine caused by viruses and bacteria that lie dormant there. Antimicrobial MORE


Science / Biology / Notochord: In chordates, a cellular rod that runs the length of the body and provides dorsal support. Also, a structure of mesoderm in the embryo that will become the vertebrae of the spinal column. The stiff ro MORE

Spinal Cord

Science / Biology / Spinal Cord: A cylinder of nerve tissue extending from the brain stem; receives sensory information and sends output motor signals; with the brain, forms the central nervous system. Nerve cell collections extendin MORE

Low Back Pain

Health / Acupuncture / Low Back Pain: Pain in the lower back area that can relate to problems with the lumbar spine, the discs between the vertebrae, the ligaments around the spine and discs, the spinal cord and nerves, muscles of the low MORE