Science / Biology / Vesicles: Small membrane-bound spaces in most plant and animal cells that transport macromolecules into and out of the cell and carry materials between organelles in the cell.

Synaptic Vesicles

Science / Biology / Synaptic Vesicles: Vesicles at the synapse end of an axon that contain the neurotransmitters. MORE

Seminal Vesicles

Science / Biology / Seminal Vesicles: Glands that contribute fructose to sperm. The fructose serves as an energy source. The structures that add fructose and hormones to semen. MORE


Science / Geology / Pumice: A vesicular volcanic glass of granitic composition. It has so many vesicles that it has a very low specific gravity - sometimes low enough to float on water. Picture of Pumice. MORE


Science / Geology / Scoria: Congealed lava, usually of mafic composition, with a large number of vesicles formed by gases coming out of solution. MORE

Cell Plate

Science / Biology / Cell Plate: In plants, a membrane-bound space produced during cytokinesis by the vesicles of the Golgi apparatus. The cell plate fuses with the plasma membrane, dividing the cell into two compartments. MORE


Science / Biology / Endocytosis: The incorporation of materials from outside the cell by the formation of vesicles in the plasma membrane. The vesicles surround the material so the cell can engulf it. MORE