Science / Biology / X-Chromosome: One of the sex chromosomes.


Science / Genetics / X-Inactivation: The repression of one of the two x-chromosomes in the somatic cells of females as a method of dosage compensation: at an early embryonic stage in the normal female, one of the two x-chromosomes underg MORE

Klinefelter Syndrome

Science / Biology / Klinefelter Syndrome: In humans, a genetically determined condition in which the individual has two X and one Y chromosome. Affected individuals are male and typically tall and infertile. MORE

Barr Body

Science / Biology / Barr Body: Inactivated X-chromosome in mammalian females. Although inactivated, the Barr body is replicated prior to cell division and thus is passed on to all descendant cells of the embryonic cell that had one MORE

Sex Linkage

Science / Biology / Sex Linkage: The condition in which the inheritance of a sex chromosome is coupled with that of a given gene; e.g., red-green color blindness and hemophilia in humans. Traits located on the X-chromosome. MORE

Lyon Hypothesis

Science / Biology / Lyon Hypothesis: Idea proposed by Mary Lyon that mammalian females inactivate one or the other X-chromosome during early embryogenesis. This deactivated chromosome forms the Barr body. MORE