Z Lines

Science / Biology / Z Lines: Dense areas in myofibrils that mark the beginning of the sarcomeres. The actin filaments of the sarcomeres are anchored in the Z lines.

Reflectivity Factor (Z)

Technology / Radar / Reflectivity Factor (Z): Integral over the backscatter cross-section of the particles in a pulse volume. For particles small compared to the wavelength the scatter cross-section is d6, where d is the diameter of the particle. MORE

Red Zone

Entertainment / Football / Red Zone: The imaginary area between the defense's 20-yard line and its goal line from which the offense is most likely to score points. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Regionalization: Countries generally have prohibited imports of a foreign agricultural product if it has been associated with an unwanted pest or disease in the exporting country. Until recently, importing countries w MORE


Business / Construction / Reglaze: To replace a broken window. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Rehalogenization: Process by which black metallic silver is converted back to silver halides. It is used in bleaching for toners and intensification. MORE

Regulation Z

Business / Real Estate / Regulation Z: Implements the Truth-in-Lending Act requiring credit institutions to inform borrowers of the true cost of obtaining credit. MORE