Absolute Error

Science / Chemistry / Absolute Error: Absolute uncertainty. Compare with relative error. The uncertainty in a measurement, expressed with appropriate units. For example, if three replicate weights for an object are 1.00 g, 1.05 g, and 0.95 g, the absolute error can be expressed as ± 0.05 g. Absolute error is also used to express inaccuracies; for example, if the 'true value' is 1.11 g and the measured value is 1.00 g, the absolute error could be written as 1.00 g - 1.11 g = -0.11 g. Note that when absolute errors are associated with indeterminate errors, they are preceded with '±'; when they are associated with determinate errors, they are preceded by their sign.

Other Words for Absolute

Absolute Adjective Synonyms: perfect, complete, total, finished, thorough, through-and-through, consummate, flawless, faultless, unadulterated, pure, unmixed, unalloyed, undiluted, rank

Other Words for Error

Error Adjective Synonyms: mistake, inaccuracy, fault, flaw, blunder, slip, gaffe, misprint, typographical error, erratum, solecism, literal, slip-up, goof, clanger, fluff, boo-boo, howler, bloomer, foul-up, boner, boob

Relative Error

Science / Chemistry / Relative Error: The uncertainty in a measurement compared to the size of the measurement. For example, if three replicate weights for an object are 2.00 g, 2.05 g, and 1.95 g, the absolute error can be expressed as MORE

Error Of Recency

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Error Of Recency: Occurs when raters assign a rating based on the individual’s short-term versus long-term job performance. MORE

Error Of Projection

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Error Of Projection: An error in rating, which occurs when raters are inclined to allow their own personal characteristics or values to affect the ratings they assign. MORE