Absolute Temperature

Science / Chemistry / Absolute Temperature: Temperature measured on a scale that sets absolute zero as zero. In the SI system, the kelvin scale is used to measure absolute temperature.

Other Words for Absolute

Absolute Adjective Synonyms: perfect, complete, total, finished, thorough, through-and-through, consummate, flawless, faultless, unadulterated, pure, unmixed, unalloyed, undiluted, rank

Kelvin Temperature Scale

Science / Weather / Kelvin Temperature Scale: A temperature scale with the freezing point of +273°K (Kelvin) and the boiling point of +373° K. It is used primarily for scientific purposes. Also known as the Absolute Temperature Scale. Proposed MORE

Empirical Temperature

Science / Chemistry / Empirical Temperature: A property that is the same for any two systems that are in thermodynamic equilibrium with each other. MORE

Fahrenheit Temperature Scale

Science / Weather / Fahrenheit Temperature Scale: A temperature scale where water at sea level has a freezing point of +32°F and a boiling point of +212°F. More commonly used in areas that observe the English system of measurement. Created in 1714 MORE

Fee Simple Absolute

Business / Real Estate / Fee Simple Absolute: The maximum possible estate or right of ownership of real property, continuing forever. MORE

Critical Temperature (Tc)

Science / Chemistry / Critical Temperature (Tc): The temperature at the critical point. A gas above the critical temperature will never condense into a liquid, no matter how much pressure is applied. Most substances have a critical temperature that MORE

Colour Temperature

Life Style / Painting / Colour Temperature: Colours are warm, hot or cold in appearance; orange, red, blue. This is true within each category of colour. There are hotter and colder colours in every category. MORE