Science / Chemistry / Absorbance: (A, D, E) optical density; extinction; decadic absorbance. A measure of the amount of light absorbed by a sample. The absorbance (A) equals minus the base-10 log of the transmittance.


Technology / Cell Phones / Spectrum: The range of electromagnetic radio frequencies used in the transmission of sound, data and television. MORE

Flow Cytometry

Science / Genetics / Flow Cytometry: Analysis of biological material by detection of the light- absorbing or fluorescing properties of cells or subcellular fractions (i.e., chromosomes) passing in a narrow stream through a laser beam. An MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Sizing: Very dilute, gluey substance used to prepare surfaces for coating by filling in pores and giving even absorbance. MORE

Beers Law

Science / Chemistry / Beers Law: (A=abc or A=epsilonbc) Beer-Lambert law. In absorption spectroscopy, the absorbance of a dilute solution is equal to its absorptivity times the path length times the concentration of the absorbing sol MORE


Science / Chemistry / Absorptivity: (a) extinction coefficient; absorption cross section; decadic absorptivity. Compare with molar absorptivity and absorbance. The absorbance of a solution per unit of path length and per unit concentrat MORE

Continuous Spectrum

Science / Chemistry / Continuous Spectrum: A plot of the relative absorbance or intensity of emitted light vs. Wavelength or frequency that shows a smooth variation, rather than a series of sharp peaks or bands. MORE