Science / Chemistry / Absorptivity: (a) extinction coefficient; absorption cross section; decadic absorptivity. Compare with molar absorptivity and absorbance. The absorbance of a solution per unit of path length and per unit concentration; a = A/(bc) where a, A, b, and c are the absorptivity, absorbance, path length, and concentration, respectively. Absorptivity varies with wavelength of the incident light.

Molar Absorptivity

Science / Chemistry / Molar Absorptivity: The absorbance per centimeter of path length when the concentration of absorbing material is 1 M; epsilon = A/(bc) where a, A, b, and c are the molar absorptivity, absorbance, path length in cm, and c MORE

Beers Law

Science / Chemistry / Beers Law: (A=abc or A=epsilonbc) Beer-Lambert law. In absorption spectroscopy, the absorbance of a dilute solution is equal to its absorptivity times the path length times the concentration of the absorbing sol MORE