Science / Chemistry / Acetate: (CH3COO-, C2H3O2-) acetate ion. 1. An ion formed by removing the acidic hydrogen of acetic acid, HC2H3O2. 2. A compound derived by replacing the acidic hydrogen in acetic acid. 3. A fiber made of cellulose acetate.

Ethyl Acetate

Science / Chemistry / Ethyl Acetate: A flammable liquid with a fruity odor, used in flavorings and as a solvent. MORE

Acetate Base

Entertainment / Photography / Acetate Base: Non-inflammable base support for film emulsions which replaced the highly inflammable cellulose nitrate base. MORE

Lead Acetate

Entertainment / Photography / Lead Acetate: Crystalline, highly poisonous powder used in some toning and intensifying solutions. MORE

Polyvinyl Acetate

Life Style / Painting / Polyvinyl Acetate: A synthetic resin largely used as a vehicle for many latex paints. Often referred to as PVA. MORE

Sodium Acetate

Health / First Aid / Sodium Acetate: The active ingredient in hot packs. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Volatile: A solid or liquid material that easily vaporizes. A material with a significant vapor pressure. MORE