Acetic Acid

Science / Chemistry / Acetic Acid: (CH3COOH, HC2H3O2) ethanoic acid; vinegar acid; methanecarboxylic acid. A simple organic acid that gives vinegar its characteristic odor and flavor. Glacial acetic acid is pure acetic acid.

Acid Dissociation Constant

Science / Chemistry / Acid Dissociation Constant: (Ka) acid ionization constant. Compare with base hydrolysis constant. The equilibrium constant for the dissociation of an acid into a hydrogen ion and an anion. For example, the acid dissociation cons MORE

Glycolic Acid

Health / Vitamins / Glycolic Acid: Also known as hydroxyacetic acid, substance with exfoliating properties, used in cosmetic abrasive procedures for dead skin removal and rejuvenation in concentrations of 20%-80% or in at-home kits in MORE

Acid Anhydride

Science / Chemistry / Acid Anhydride: Nonmetallic oxides or organic compounds that react with water to form acids. For example, SO2, CO2, P2O5, and SO3 are the acid anhydrides of sulfurous, carbonic, phosphoric, and sulfuric acids, respec MORE

Carboxylic Acid

Science / Chemistry / Carboxylic Acid: A carboxylic acid is an organic molecule with a -(C=O)-OH group. The group is also written as -COOH and is called a carboxyl group. The hydrogen on the -COOH group ionizes in water; carboxylic acids a MORE

Volatile Acidity

Life Style / Wine / Volatile Acidity: Wine has acidity, which is derived from the presence of a number of different acids including acetic, malic, tartaric, lactic, citric, carbonic and so on. Excessive levels of acetic acid produce an ar MORE

Methylmalonic Acidemia

Science / Genetics / Methylmalonic Acidemia: A group of conditions characterized by the inability to metabolize methylmalonic acid or by a defect in the metabolism of vitamin b12. MORE