Science / Chemistry / Adiabat: A line on an indicator diagram that represents an adiabatic process.

Dry Adiabat

Science / Weather / Dry Adiabat: The line on a Skew T-Log P chart that depicts the lifting of dry air, or air that is unsaturated. As a parcel rises adiabatically, its pressure decreases and its temperature falls due to the expansion MORE


Science / Chemistry / Adiabatic: A process that neither absorbs nor releases energy into the surroundings. For example, a chemical reaction taking place in a closed thermos bottle can be considered adiabatic. Very fast processes can MORE

Moist Adiabat

Science / Weather / Moist Adiabat: The line on a Skew T-Log P chart that depicts the change in temperature of saturated air as it rises and undergoes cooling due to adiabatic expansion. As saturated air rises, the temperature changes a MORE

Adiabatic Ionization Energy

Science / Chemistry / Adiabatic Ionization Energy: The lowest energy required to remove an electron from an atom, ion, or molecule in the gas phase. The adiabatic ionization energy is the difference between the ground state energy of the ion formed an MORE

Adiabatic Lapse Rate

Technology / Aviation / Adiabatic Lapse Rate: The rate at which ascending air cools and descending air warms, given that no heat is added or taken away. The rate for dry air (DALR) is based on 5.4° F per 1000' altitude (1° per 100 meters). Mois MORE

Adiabatic Process

Science / Weather / Adiabatic Process: A thermodynamic change of state in a system in which there is no transfer of heat or mass across the boundaries of the system. In this process, compression will result in warming and expansion will re MORE