Science / Chemistry / Adsorbent: A substance that collects molecules of another substance on its surface. For example, gases that make water taste bad are strongly adsorbed on activated charcoal granules in water filters.


Science / Chemistry / Zeolite: Addition compounds of the type Na2O·Al2O3·n sio2·m H2O, with calcium sometimes replacing or present with the sodium. The sodium in the zeolite exchanges with calcium in water, making zeolites usefu MORE


Science / Chemistry / Stripping: Stripping is a technique for removing volatile components in a mixture by bubbling a stream of an chemically unreactive gas (like nitrogen) through the sample, and then 'scrubbing' the nitrogen throug MORE


Science / Biology / Absorption: The process by which the products of digestion are transferred into the bodys internal environment, enabling them to reach the cells. MORE

Activated Charcoal

Science / Chemistry / Activated Charcoal: Activated carbon; active carbon. A porous form of carbon that acts as a powerful adsorbent, used to decolorize liquids, recover solvents, and remove toxins from water and air. MORE