Adsorption Indicator

Science / Chemistry / Adsorption Indicator: A substance that indicates an excess of a reactant in a precipitation reaction. For example, dichlorofluorescein is added to an NaCl solution being titrated with silver nitrate. Before the endpoint, excess chloride ions make the surface of the AgCl precipitate negative, and dichlorofluorescein anions remain in solution. After the endpoint, the excess silver ions make the surface of the AgCl precipitate positive, and the dichlorofluorescein anions are adsorbed onto their surface. Adsorption changes the color of the indicator from yellow-green to pink.

Other Words for Indicator

Indicator Noun Synonyms: pointer, needle, gauge, meter, display


Entertainment / Bowling / Pindicator: A display board that shows the bowler which pins remain standing after the first ball. MORE

Plan Position Indicator

Science / Weather / Plan Position Indicator: Also known as a PPI Scope, it is a radar indicator scope displaying range and azimuth of targets in polar coordinates. MORE

Plan Position Indicator (PPI)

Technology / Radar / Plan Position Indicator (PPI): The face or screen of a cathode-ray tube on which radar images appear in correct relation to each other, so that the scope face presents a chart like representation of the area about the antenna, the MORE