Science / Chemistry / Aeration: aerate Preparation of a saturated solution of air gases by either spraying the solution in air or by bubbling air through it.

Zone Of Aeration

Science / Geology / Zone Of Aeration: A zone between the land surface and the water table where pore spaces are filled mainly with air. Water that exists in the pore space in this zone is referred to as 'soil moisture'. MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Deep: A shot that lands near the baseline, as opposed to near the net MORE

Book Lungs

Science / Spiders / Book Lungs: The respiratory pouches of the arachnids, filled with closely packed sheets or folds to provide maximum surface for aeration: believed to be modified, insunk gills. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Plug: To fill a hole with a plastic that hardens so that you can drill the holes in a different area. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Aerate: ('aeration, aerify, aerification, punch') a machine is used to punch small diameter holes in ground that has been compacted over time to loosen soil and allow oxygen and nutrients to get to the roots MORE

Automatic Two-Putt

Entertainment / Golf / Automatic Two-Putt: When a golf course declares that players may consider the ball to be holed in no more than two putts once their ball is on the putting surface (most commonly because of aeration or temporary greens in MORE