Science / Chemistry / Alkaline: Having a pH greater than 7.

Alkaline Error

Science / Chemistry / Alkaline Error: A systematic error that occurs when glass electrodes are used to read the pH of an extremely alkaline solution; the electrode responds to sodium ions as though they were hydrogen ions, giving a pH rea MORE

Alkaline Earth Metal

Science / Chemistry / Alkaline Earth Metal: (alkali metal) The Group 2 elements, beryllium (Be), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), strontium (Sr), barium (Ba), and radium (Ra) form alkaline oxides and hydroxides and are called 'alkaline earth metal MORE

Alkaline Earth

Science / Chemistry / Alkaline Earth: An oxide of an alkaline earth metal, which produces an alkaline solution in reaction with water. MORE

Acid Rinse

Entertainment / Photography / Acid Rinse: Weak acid solution used after development and before fixation. By neutralizing alkaline developer left on the photographic material it arrests development. MORE

Ph Scale

Entertainment / Photography / Ph Scale: Numerical system running from 0-14 and used to express the alkalinity or acidity of a chemical solution. 7 is neutral. Solutions with a lower ph value are increasingly acidic, and those with a higher MORE

Archival Paper

Life Style / Painting / Archival Paper: Archival watercolor paper is any pure 100% rag , cotton, or linen watercolor paper of neutral or slightly low ph, alkaline (base) vs. Acidic, and pure ingredients. Some synthetic papers are archival i MORE