Science / Chemistry / Allo: A prefix that designates the more stable of a pair of geometric isomers. allo- is sometimes used less precisely to designate isomers or close relatives of a compound.

Permalloy Tape Head

Technology / Home Audio / Permalloy Tape Head: A cassette tape head constructed of permalloy, an alloy made primarily of nickel and iron, used for its superior high wear resistance and permeability, offering superior frequency response at a low co MORE

Allopathic Medicine

Health / Massage / Allopathic Medicine: Known as conventional medicine, allopathy is a medical approach that seeks to cure by producing a condition in the body different than, or opposite to, the condition that exists within the diseased st MORE

Mileage Allowance

Life Style / Travel / Mileage Allowance: Number of miles a rented car is driven beyond the mileage allowance. MORE

Baggage Allowance

Life Style / Travel / Baggage Allowance: The amount of baggage, generally consisting of the passenger's personal effects, permitted by the cruise line free of charge. The allowance is very generous (and if you reach it, you're packing way to MORE

Buys Ballots Law

Science / Weather / Buys Ballots Law: Describes the relationship of the horizontal wind direction to the pressure distribution. In the Northern Hemisphere, if one stands with one's back to the wind, the pressure on one's left is lower tha MORE

Pilot Balloon

Science / Weather / Pilot Balloon: A small balloon whose ascent is used to determine the direction and speed of low level atmospheric winds. Also known as a pibal. MORE