American Chemical Society (Acs)

Science / Chemistry / American Chemical Society (Acs): A large and influential professional society for professionals and students in chemistry and related fields.

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Society Adjective Synonyms: fellowship, brotherhood, association, intercourse, companionship, company, camaraderie, friendship
Society Verb Synonyms: organization, club, association, circle, league, institute, academy, alliance, guild, group, fraternity, sorority, brotherhood, sisterhood, fellowship, union, consociation, sodality, Verein, bund or Bund

Chemical Sediment

Science / Geology / Chemical Sediment: One that is formed at or near its place of deposition by chemical precipitation, usually from seawater. MORE

Chemical Reducer

Entertainment / Photography / Chemical Reducer: See reducers. MORE

Chemical Property

Science / Chemistry / Chemical Property: Measurement of a chemical property involves a chemical change. For example, determining the flammability of gasoline involves burning it, producing carbon dioxide and water. MORE

Chemical Potential

Science / Chemistry / Chemical Potential: The chemical potential is a partial molar Gibbs free energy, defined as µi = (partialg/partialni)T,P,nj. The definition means that the chemical potential is the change in Gibbs free energy when one m MORE

Chemical Sedimentary Rock

Science / Geology / Chemical Sedimentary Rock: A rock that forms from the precipitation of mineral material from solution. Examples are chert and rock salt. MORE

Chemical Vapor

Entertainment / Photography / Chemical Vapor: Method of exposing negatives in a closed container to a small amount of mercury of sulfur dioxide. After approximately 24 hours the film is developed normally. It produces interesting yet very inconsi MORE