Atomic Orbital

Science / Chemistry / Atomic Orbital: A wavefunction that describes the behavior of an electron in an atom.

Molecular Orbital

Science / Chemistry / Molecular Orbital: A wavefunction that describes the behavior of an electron in a molecule. Molecular orbitals are usually spread across many atoms in the molecule, and they are often described as a combination of atomi MORE

Antibonding Orbital

Science / Chemistry / Antibonding Orbital: A molecular orbital that can be described as the result of destructive interference of atomic orbitals on bonded atoms. Antibonding orbitals have energies higher than the energies its constituent atom MORE

F Orbital

Science / Chemistry / F Orbital: An orbital with angular momentum quantum number ell = 2. The f orbitals generally have 3 nuclear nodes and rather complex shapes. MORE

Anatomical Position

Health / First Aid / Anatomical Position: A basic position that all anatomical references assume. The subject is standing, looking straight ahead with arms hanging down at both sides and palms facing forward. In most cases, the toes are point MORE


Science / Chemistry / Orbital: A wavefunction that describes what an electron with a given energy is doing inside an atom or molecule. MORE

Polyatomic Ion

Science / Chemistry / Polyatomic Ion: A polyatomic ion is a charged particle that contains more than two covalently bound atoms. See Polyatomic Ions for more. MORE