Atto (A)

Science / Chemistry / Atto (A): Prefix used in the SI system meaning 'multiply by 10-18'. For example, 3 am means 3× 10-18 meters.

Lipoprotein (A)

Health / Vitamins / Lipoprotein (A): A lipoprotein considered to be an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. MORE

Attorneys Opinion Of Title

Business / Real Estate / Attorneys Opinion Of Title: An abstract of title that an attorney has examined and has certified to be, in his or her opinion, an accurate statement of the facts concerning the property ownership. MORE

Navy Service (A)

Technology / Motors / Navy Service (A): Motors designed to meet requirements of MIL M-17059 or MlL M-17060 for high shock and service and are essential to the combat effectiveness of a ship. These motors are usually made of nodular iron. MORE

Power Of Attorney

Business / Debt / Power Of Attorney: A document which authorises a person to act on behalf of another is a power of attorney. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Power-Of-Attorney: A written instrument authorizing a person, the attorney-in-fact, to act as the agent on behalf of another to the extent indicated in the instrument. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Attorney-In-Fact: A competent and disinterested person who is authorized by another person to act in his or her place. In real estate conveyance transactions, an attorney-in-fact, who has a fiduciary relationship with MORE