Balmer Series

Science / Chemistry / Balmer Series: A series of lines in the emission spectrum of hydrogen that involve transitions to the n=2 state from states with n>2.

Series Dc Motors

Technology / Motors / Series Dc Motors: Where high starting torques are required for a DC motor, the series motor is used. The load must be solidly connected to the motor and never decrease to zero to prevent excessive motor speeds. The loa MORE

Series Bond

Business / Finance / Series Bond: Bond that may be issued in several series under the same indenture document. MORE

Series 7

Business / Taxes / Series 7: To be licensed to sell securities to individual investors, brokers must pass the Series 7 exam, also called the General Securities Registered Representative Examination. The six-hour test requires kno MORE

Series E Bond

Business / Finance / Series E Bond: A local and state tax-free bond issued by the U.S. government from 1941 to 1979, which was then replaced by Series HH bonds. MORE

Soil Series

Business / Agriculture / Soil Series: A group of soils having horizons (or layers) similar in characteristics and arrangement in the soil profile, except for the texture of the surface portion. They are given proper names from place names MORE

World Series

Entertainment / Baseball / World Series: The championship series matching the winners of the American League and the National League. The series is preceded by Divisional and League Championship series in each league. The World Series is a b MORE