Beta Particle

Science / Chemistry / Beta Particle: (ß-) An electron emitted by an unstable nucleus, when a neutron decays into a proton and an electron. In some cases, beta radiation consists of positrons ('antielectrons' which are identical to electrons but carry a +1 charge.') Note that beta particles are created in nuclear decay; they do not exist as independent particles within the nucleus.

Other Words for Particle

Particle Adjective Synonyms: atom, molecule, scintilla, spark, mote, suggestion, hint, suspicion, gleam, bit, crumb, jot, tittle, whit, mite, speck, dot, spot, iota, grain, morsel, shred, sliver, scrap, smidgen or smidgin

Beta Decay

Science / Biology / Beta Decay: Type of radioactive decay in which a radioisotope emits a small, negatively-charged and fast-moving particle from its nucleus. The beta particle is similar in size, charge, and speed to an electron an MORE

Particle Board

Business / Construction / Particle Board: Plywood substitute made of course sawdust that is mixed with resin and pressed into sheets. Used for closet shelving, floor underlayment, stair treads, etc. MORE

Open Beta

Entertainment / Video Games / Open Beta: A phase of testing for an online game (pre-release) where members of the public are invited to participate. MORE