Science / Chemistry / Block: A region of the periodic table that corresponds to the type of subshell (s, p, d, or f) being filled during the Aufbau construction of electron configurations.

Other Words for Block

Block Verb Synonyms: obstruct, close off, barricade, bar, shut off, hinder, hamper, balk, impede, prevent
Block Noun Synonyms: piece, chunk, hunk, lump, slab, stump, brick, cube

Splash Block

Business / Construction / Splash Block: Portable concrete (or vinyl) channel generally placed beneath an exterior sill cock (water faucet) or downspout in order to receive roof drainage from downspouts and to divert it away from the buildin MORE

Block Level Analysis

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Block Level Analysis: A method used to break a page down into multiple points on the web graph by breaking its pages down into smaller blocks. Block level link analysis can be used to help determine if content is page spec MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Beta-Blocker: An agent that inhibits the action of beta-adrenergic receptors, which modulate cardiac functions, respiratory functions, and the dilation of blood vessels. Beta-blockers are of value in the treatment MORE

Chinese Block

Entertainment / Music / Chinese Block: Percussion instrument made from a hollowed rectangular block of wood that is struck with a beater. MORE

Block Trader

Business / Finance / Block Trader: A dealer who will take a position in the block trades to accommodate customer buyers and sellers of blocks. See: Dealer, market maker, principal. MORE

Block Pass

Technology / Motorcycle / Block Pass: Going into a turn, a rider attempting a block pass will accelerate before the apex and slip his motorcycle on the inside of the leader, then quickly pivot and make the turn directly in front of the ot MORE