Bohr Atom

Science / Chemistry / Bohr Atom: A model of the atom that explains emission and absorption of radiation as transitions between stationary electronic states in which the electron orbits the nucleus at a definite distance. The Bohr model violates the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, since it postulates definite paths and momenta for electrons as they move around the nucleus. Modern theories usually use atomic orbitals to describe the behavior of electrons in atoms.


Science / Chemistry / Dilatometer: A device for measuring volume changes. MORE

Enthalpy Of Atomization

Science / Chemistry / Enthalpy Of Atomization: The change in enthalpy that occurs when one mole of a compound is converted into gaseous atoms. All bonds in the compound are broken in atomization and none are formed, so enthalpies of atomization ar MORE

Epidural Hematoma

Health / First Aid / Epidural Hematoma: Epidural hematomas may not show any signs of injury at first, then develop quickly into severe symptoms like coma. MORE