Brownian Motion

Science / Chemistry / Brownian Motion: Small particles suspended in liquid move spontaneously in a random fashion. The motion is caused by unbalanced impacts of molecules on the particle. Brownian motion provided strong circumstantial evidence for the existence of molecules.

Other Words for Motion

Motion Noun Synonyms: mobility, movability, motility
Motion Verb Synonyms: movement, moving, change, shift, shifting, action, going, travelling, travel, progress, passage, transit, activity, commotion, stir, agitation, turmoil, turbulence


Entertainment / Football / Motion: The movement of offensive players prior to the snap. MORE

Motion capture

Entertainment / Video Games / Motion capture: A technology used to record the movements of real actors so that their in-game counterparts appear to move in a more realistic fashion. MORE

Motion-Caption Device

Technology / Television (TV) / Motion-Caption Device: A system by which the movement of three-dimensional objects or humans is traced by a computer. MORE

Mean Motion

Science / Astrology / Mean Motion: Average motion or rate of travel within a specified time period. MORE

Market Promotion Program (MPP)

Business / Agriculture / Market Promotion Program (MPP): An export promotion program authorized by the FACT Act of 1990 that replaced the Targeted Export Assistance (TEA) program authorized by the Food Security Act of 1985. The MPP was renamed the Market Ac MORE

Illegal Motion

Entertainment / Football / Illegal Motion: On offense, a player may be in motion but cannot be going forward at the time of the snap (except in Arena football where one player is allowed to do so), and a lineman must be set for one second befo MORE