Bunsen Burner

Science / Chemistry / Bunsen Burner: A gas burner with adjustable air intake, commonly used in laboratories.

Strand Burner

Technology / Rockets / Strand Burner: A strand burner measures the burn rate of an energetic composition in an elevated pressure environment. Also called a Crawford Bomb. MORE

Worm Burner

Entertainment / Baseball / Worm Burner: Batted ball that moves across the ground hard and fast. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Wormburner: (also 'worm burner') a shot with such a low trajectory that it appears to, or actually does, skim the ground - not necessarily ineffective but almost certainly unintentional MORE

Ringing Ten-Burner

Entertainment / Bowling / Ringing Ten-Burner: An apparently good hit on the pocket that fails to knock the 10-pin down. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Riceburner: A Riceburner is a Japanese motorcycle. The term tends to be used by riders of American made motorcycles. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Burner: A pin that remains standing after an apparently perfect hit. MORE