Science / Chemistry / Calibration: Calibration is correcting a measuring instrument by measuring values whose true values are known. Calibration minimizes systematic error.


Entertainment / Bowling / Sweep: The device on the pin-setter which clears the plate. MORE


Technology / Rockets / Hysteresis: Shift in calibration of transducer when on 'return' from actuation load. MORE

Air Acoustic Ranging Sensor

Science / Tides and Currents / Air Acoustic Ranging Sensor: A pulsed, acoustic ranging device using the air column in a tube as the acoustic sound path. The fundamental measurement is the time it takes for the acoustic signal to travel from a transmitter to th MORE

Radar Indicator

Technology / Radar / Radar Indicator: A unit of a radar set which provides a visual indication of radar echoes received, using a cathode-ray tube for such indication. Besides the cathode-ray tube, the radar indicator is comprised of sweep MORE

Somatic Education

Health / Massage / Somatic Education: Somatic Education is a healthcare modality based on co-creative science. It is therefore taught and practiced in a co-creative partnership with nature. Somatic Education considers the body as one of n MORE

Magnetic Compass

Technology / Aviation / Magnetic Compass: The most common liquid-type compass, capable of calibration to compensate for magnetic influences within the aircraft. MORE