Science / Chemistry / Calorie: The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 g of water at 14.5°C to 15.5°C. One calorie is equivalent to exactly 4.184 J.

Empty Calories

Health / Fitness / Empty Calories: A term used to denote food contributing calories that are void of significant food value and nutrients. MORE


Science / Biology / Kilocalorie: The energy needed to heat 1000 grams of water from 14.5 to 15.5 degrees C. MORE

Kilojoule (Kj)

Health / Vitamins / Kilojoule (Kj): A measurement of the energy in food. 1 calorie is equal to 4.2 kilojoules. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Fusion: The joining of base material, with or without filler material, by melting them together. MORE


Health / Fitness / Fat: Often referred to as lipids, or triglycerides, one of the main food groups, containing nine calories per gram. It serves a variety of functions in the body, however a high percentage of body fat has b MORE


Health / Fitness / Walk-Run: A workout in which you alternate walking and running. By sprinkling running intervals throughout your walking workout, you can spike up exercise intensity and burn more calories. MORE