Science / Chemistry / Cathode: The electrode at which reduction occurs.

Cathode Ray

Science / Chemistry / Cathode Ray: A negatively charged beam that emanates from the cathode of a discharge tube. Cathode rays are streams of electrons. MORE

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)

Technology / Computers / Cathode Ray Tube (CRT): Among the first computer monitors, still occasionally found today. Works by creating a beam of electrons that strike the phosphor coating inside the display. MORE

Cold Cathode Illumination

Entertainment / Photography / Cold Cathode Illumination: Low temperature fluorescent light source common in many diffuser enlargers, which is inclined to reduce contrast and edge definition. MORE

Cathode Ray Tube

Entertainment / Photography / Cathode Ray Tube: Evacuated bulb of glass containing pairs of plates between which electrodes pass. MORE

Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT)

Technology / Radar / Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT): The radarscope (picture tube) within which a stream of electrons is directed against a fluorescent screen (ppi). On the face of the tube or screen (ppi), light is emitted at points where the electrons MORE


Health / Massage / Trigger: Something that either sets off a disease in people who are genetically predisposed to developing the disease, or that causes a certain symptom to occur in a person who has a disease. For example, sunl MORE