Chelating Agent

Science / Chemistry / Chelating Agent: A ligand that binds to a metal using more than one atom; a polydentate ligand.

Other Words for Agent

Agent Noun Synonyms: representative, intermediary, go-between, proxy, emissary, delegate, spokesman, spokeswoman, spokesperson, deputy, substitute, surrogate, advocate, emissary, legate, envoy, factor


Life Style / Travel / Pseudo-Agent: Someone claiming to be a travel agent who really isn't watch out for these types. They often produce bogus id cards, and can disappear when problems arise. Check credentials before doing business with MORE


Science / Chemistry / Reagent: A substance or mixture that is useful in chemical analysis or synthesis. MORE

Reducing Agent

Science / Chemistry / Reducing Agent: A reducing agent is a substance that reduce another substance by supplying electrons to it. Reducing agents cause other substances to be reduced in chemical reactions while they themselves are oxidize MORE

Referral Agent

Life Style / Travel / Referral Agent: An ' agent ' that refers business to a travel agency in return for a commission or fee often as part of a card mill operation. Knows little about the travel industry be sure you know who you are deali MORE

Principal-Agent Relationship

Business / Finance / Principal-Agent Relationship: Occurs when one person, an agent, acts on the behalf of another person, the principal. MORE

Paying Agent

Business / Finance / Paying Agent: An agent who makes principal and interest payments to bondholders on behalf of the issuer. MORE