Chemical Change

Science / Chemistry / Chemical Change: A chemical change is a dissociation, recombination, or rearrangement of atoms.

Other Words for Change

Change Verb Synonyms: exchange, interchange, switch, trade, replace (with), substitute, swap or swop
Change Noun Synonyms: substitution, replacement, exchange, interchange, switch

Chemical Equation

Science / Chemistry / Chemical Equation: A compact notation for describing a chemical change. The formulas of the reactants are added together on the left hand side of the equation; the formulas of the products are added together on the righ MORE

Phase Change

Science / Chemistry / Phase Change: A change in the state of a sample of matter; for example, solid to liquid or liquid to gas. Phase changes are considered physical rather than chemical changes. MORE

Chemical Property

Science / Chemistry / Chemical Property: Measurement of a chemical property involves a chemical change. For example, determining the flammability of gasoline involves burning it, producing carbon dioxide and water. MORE

Mexican Stock Exchange

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Membership Or A Seat On The Exchange

Business / Finance / Membership Or A Seat On The Exchange: A limited number of exchange positions that enable the holder to trade for the holder's own accounts and charge clients for the execution of trades for their accounts. Related: Member firm. MORE

Milan Stock Exchange

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