Chiral Center

Science / Chemistry / Chiral Center: An atom in a molecule that causes chirality, usually an atom that is bound to four different groups. A molecule can have chirality without having a chiral center, and a molecule may also have more than one chiral centers.

Field Service Center

Business / Agriculture / Field Service Center: A centralized location for a variety of USDA agency field offices. These have been reduced in number from about 3,700 to about 2,600 through closures and consolidations initiated as part of a USDA reo MORE

Face-Centered Cubic (FCC)

Business / Machine Shop / Face-Centered Cubic (FCC): One of the common types of unit cells in which atoms are located on each corner and the center of each face of a cube. Among the common FCC metals are aluminum, copper, nickel and austenitic stainless MORE


Science / Geology / Epicenter: The point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus or hypocenter of an Earthquake. MORE

Designated Centers For Specialized Care

Health / Dentistry / Designated Centers For Specialized Care: Medical centers selected to provide an advanced level of care for a disease or delivery of a specific procedure. For example, CIGNA's >LIFESOURCE Organ Transplant Network is composed of 13 nationally MORE

Half Center

Business / Machine Shop / Half Center: A dead center that has a portion of the 60 degree cone cut away. MORE

Hub-Center Steering

Technology / Motorcycle / Hub-Center Steering: One of several different types of front-end suspension/steering mechanisms used in motorcycles. Hub-center steering is characterized by a swingarm that extends from the bottom of the engine/frame to t MORE