Complete Combustion

Science / Chemistry / Complete Combustion: A combustion reaction that converts all of the fuel's carbon, hydrogen, sulfur, and nitrogen into carbon dioxide, water, sulfur dioxide, and N2 respectively.

Other Words for Complete

Complete Verb Synonyms: entire, whole, intact, uncut, unbroken, undivided, unabridged, full, undiminished, unabated, unreduced
Complete Adjective Synonyms: finished, ended, concluded, over, done, accomplished, terminated, settled, executed, performed

Incomplete Combustion

Science / Chemistry / Incomplete Combustion: A combustion reaction or process that does not convert all of the fuel's carbon and hydrogen into carbon dioxide and water, respectively. For example, incomplete combustion of carbon produces carbon m MORE


Life Style / College / Incomplete: An instructor may assign an incomplete (a grade of 'I') to a student. It will be assigned only when a student has not completed a major assignment or examination. Course requirements must be completed MORE

Enthalpy Of Combustion

Science / Chemistry / Enthalpy Of Combustion: The change in enthalpy when one mole of compound is completely combusted. All carbon in the compound is converted to CO2(g), all hydrogen to H2O(ell), all sulfur to SO2(g), and all nitrogen to N2(g). MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Completeness: The second aspect of Aristotle's requirements for a tragedy. By completeness, Aristotle emphasizes the logic, wholeness, and closure necessary to satisfy the audience. MORE

Complete Proteins

Health / Fitness / Complete Proteins: Proteins that contain all the essential amino acids. MORE

Incomplete Dominance

Science / Biology / Incomplete Dominance: A type of inheritance in which the heterozygote has a phenotype intermediate to those of the homozygous parents. MORE