Science / Chemistry / Compound: A compound is a material formed from elements chemically combined in definite proportions by mass. For example, water is formed from chemically bound hydrogen and oxygen. Any pure water sample contains 2 g of hydrogen for every 16 g of oxygen.

Other Words for Compound

Compound Noun Synonyms: put together, combine, mix, concoct, compose, make (up), formulate, blend
Compound Verb Synonyms: blend, merge, coalesce, combine, unite, fuse or also fuze, come or go together
Compound Adjective Synonyms: composite, blend, synthesis, combination, consolidation, parasynthesis, parathesis, mixture, amalgam, alloy, merging, merger, mix

Addition Compound

Science / Chemistry / Addition Compound: An addition compound contains two or more simpler compounds that can be packed in a definite ratio into a crystal. A dot is used to separate the compounds in the formula. For example, ZnSO4?ยท7 H2O is MORE

Aromatic Compound

Science / Chemistry / Aromatic Compound: A compound containing an aromatic ring. Aromatic compounds have strong, characteristic odors. MORE

Covalent Compound

Science / Chemistry / Covalent Compound: A compound made of molecules- not ions. The atoms in the compound are bound together by shared electrons. Also called a molecular compound. MORE

Compound Fracture

Health / First Aid / Compound Fracture: Compound fractures, open fractures and closed fractures are treated exactly the same, except for bleeding control. MORE

Inorganic Compound

Science / Chemistry / Inorganic Compound: A compound that does not contain carbon chemically bound to hydrogen. Carbonates, bicarbonates, carbides, and carbon oxides are considered inorganic compounds, even though they contain carbon. MORE

Compound Wound DC Motors

Technology / Motors / Compound Wound DC Motors: Designed with both a series and shunt field winding, the compound motor is used where the primary load requirement is heavy starting torque, and adjustable speed is not required. (See Paralleling) Als MORE