Science / Chemistry / Concentration: 1. A measure of the amount of substance present in a unit amount of mixture. The amounts can be expressed as moles, masses, or volumes. 2. The process of increasing the amount of substance in a given amount of mixture.

Packer Concentration

Business / Agriculture / Packer Concentration: The degree to which a few large firms dominate total sales within segments of the meat packing industry, which, some farmers and other critics contend, can cause or at least contribute to lower prices MORE

Concentration (Economic)

Business / Agriculture / Concentration (Economic): A measure of the degree to which a few large firms dominate total sales, production, or capacity within an industry or market. The concern is that the more concentrated an industry, the greater the li MORE

LD50- Lethal Dose - LC50-Lethal Concentration

Business / Agriculture / LD50- Lethal Dose - LC50-Lethal Concentration: The dose (median concentration) of a toxicant that will kill 50% of the test animals within a designated period. The lower the LC50, the more toxic the compound. Testing to determine lethal dosages is MORE

Concentration Account

Business / Finance / Concentration Account: Property that a curve is below a straight line connecting two end points. If the curve falls above the straight line, it is called convesity. MORE

Concentration Services

Business / Finance / Concentration Services: A single centralized account into which funds collected at regional locations (lockboxes) are transferred. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Eutrophic: Water bodies or habitats having high concentrations of nutrients MORE