Science / Chemistry / Crystal: A sample of a crystalline solid that has a regular shape bound by plane surfaces (facets) that intersect at characteristic angles. The shape results from the arrangement of the substances atoms, ions, or molecules. Most crystals contain defects that can strongly affect their optical and electrical properties.


Science / Geology / Recrystallization: A solid state reaction in which the atoms of existing crystals within a rock are reorganized in response to heat and/or pressure. The recrystallized mineral grains are typically larger in size than th MORE

Perfect Crystal

Science / Chemistry / Perfect Crystal: A crystal with no defects or impurities, made of completely identical repeating subunits. Further, a perfect crystal has only one possible arrangement of subunits, with every subunit making exactly th MORE


Science / Chemistry / Crystallization: Production of a purer sample of a substance by slow precipitation of crystals from a solution of the substance. MORE