Science / Chemistry / Crystallization: Production of a purer sample of a substance by slow precipitation of crystals from a solution of the substance.

Water Of Crystallization

Science / Chemistry / Water Of Crystallization: Water that is stoichiometrically bound in a crystal; for example, the waters in copper sulfate pentahydrate. MORE


Science / Geology / Recrystallization: A solid state reaction in which the atoms of existing crystals within a rock are reorganized in response to heat and/or pressure. The recrystallized mineral grains are typically larger in size than th MORE


Science / Geology / Glacier: A thick mass of ice that forms on land from an accumulation and recrystallization of snow significant enough to persist through the summer and grow year by year. There are two basic types of glaciers: MORE


Science / Chemistry / Sublimation: Conversion of a solid directly into a gas, without first melting into a liquid. MORE


Science / Geology / Pegmatite: A very coarse grained igneous rock, normally of granitic composition. Typically forms during the final states of magma chamber crystallization when the high water content solutions allow rapid crystal MORE


Science / Geology / Amphibolite: Amphibolite is a non-foliated metamorphic rock that forms through recrystallization under conditions of high viscosity and directed pressure. It is composed primarily of amphibole and plagioclase, usu MORE